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JB Roofing Systems is here to help you get your house looking modern! We appreciate the many reasons that homeowners are considering to re-side their home, business, or sheds. Since siding your home is not an everyday task, it may seem a bit daunting, however we are experienced with this process and can offer you our expertise in providing you with all of the information you need, so that you understand your options and feel confident about the choices you will make. Ultimately, the reasons for replacing siding are common. Some may replace due to damaged siding, to increase aesthetics or the value of the home and/or for resale purposes. The reasons are personnel and it is our intent to accommodate accordingly. The benefits of updating and/or replacing existing siding can be cosmetic related, but often it is because there is a real need to prevent and/or control damage that has occurred due to weather. Torrential rains, extreme wind, and snow can all cause damage that is either immediately noticeable or eventually noticeable. The obvious damage is easy to identify; hanging or missing pieces of siding, buckled or split pieces. What is not so obvious is the damage that occurs from weather, that seeps into the house. Damage to the interior of the house occurs when water is allowed to get behind the siding material and into the structural wall cavities, causing dry-rot. It may not occur right away, but over time the water or wind will wear away the interior lining of the home, eventually causing water seepage. Additionally, the siding itself provides an insulating barrier to the home, keeping extreme temperatures from touching the core of the home. House Siding comes in a variety of types; there are as many choices of material types as there are styles.

There are as many choices of material types as there are styles:

For each of the styles of siding mentioned above, the selection process offers you the opportunity to select from various styles that are either simple, standard, classic, or trendy. The choices are endless. One of the reasons for a great selection is that synthetic technology has advanced to the point that it can replicate a siding material to look like a natural piece of wood, or any other natural material! Many of the materials are more durable than ever, fire retardant, and even weather and color fading resistant! If you are considering replacing your siding, interested in looking at siding samples, from any one of our leading siding manufacturers, such as James Hardie or CertainTeed, please give JB Roofing Systems a call. We would be more than happy to assist you with your questions and concerns. This goes without saying, it is our standard to provide a free quote if you are interested. We understand our customers may have a budget in mind, and we will work to find a siding option that provides the protection your home needs and the cosmetic enhancement you desire. Give us a call at 267-966-7648 or Contact us.

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