Environmental Friendly Roofing Options

What type of “green” are you? Are you interested in the natural longevity of a natural resource product for your roof, or are you considerate of that which has a long shelf life, because it was synthetically made to do so? Whichever your choice, it does not change the fact that, the natural resources of our environment are becoming limited and it is becoming widely known that one day these resources may run out. Knowing that there is a growing segment of the population that has a passion for conserving the earth’s natural materials and/or a segment that does not believe in creating more waste, forces JB Roofing Systems to be aware and accountable of the types of products we use on roofs. Natural earth made materials, synthetic, or recyclable material, the choice is yours. People like you are beginning to pay attention to how the products they install in their homes effect the environment and are making more a conscious effort to choose options that reflect accountability to the environment. There are different materials that would be considered more eco-friendly, such as: rubber roofs, metal roofs, slate roofs, clay tiles, and recycled synthetic shingles. For each of the materials listed, there are different benefits that could have a positive impact on the environment versus a negative impact.

  • A slate roof is a natural resource; however it lasts for over 100 years! Since slate is so durable, it alleviates the need to replace a roof, thereby creating less waste due to re-roofing. Slate also does not leach, which is good as it relates to water run-off to the ground.
  • A metal roof is often a compilation of stainless steel, copper, and/or aluminum. The general concept is that a metal roof is established through a recycling effort. The benefits are that metal lasts for close to 100 years, and can be recycled indefinitely!
  • Clay Tiles tend to be expensive, but also last for 50+ years. Clay naturally reflects the sun’s rays. The tiles do not combust and do not leach; overall they are very durable.
  • Synthetic Shingles are made of material that has been recycled from rubber and plastic. The lifespan of this type of shingle is 50+ years. The benefit to this type of shingle is that they last a long time, and because they are synthetic, it can replicate some of our most desirable natural resources such as slate or wood.
  • A rubber roof is for the die-hard eco-friendly conscious! It outweighs its components as it is created from almost 100% recycled material. The life of a rubber roof varies depending on if it is for a commercial flat roof or residential roof. Flat roofs tend to last 20 – 30 years, whereas a residential roof can last for 50+ years. Don’t forget though, the material to make the roof comes from recycled items, mostly tires, which inevitably would end up in a wasteland.
  • Solar Shingles collect energy from sunrise to sunset, absorbing sunlight and converting it into direct current electricity. The lifetime of the solar shingle is increasing, but one could expect it to work from 20-25 years. The benefit of a solar shingle is the reusable energy it creates to provide electricity in your home.

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