Understanding Your Roof

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At JB Roofing Systems, LLC, in the areas of Souderton, Telford, Harleysville PA, we understand that when it comes to a roof, most people don’t understand “Roofing Lingo”. That is certainly understandable, as dealing with a roof issue is not an everyday occurrence.

Nor would you want it to be, roofs are supposed to last for a pretty long time! Well, it is our hope to help you out a little bit by providing some key terms that will help you understand what we are talking about. Take a look below at some typical roofing lingo, and if you like, reference our Home Owners Resources tab at www.JBRoofigSystems.com, where you can reference some typical roofing diagrams. In no time, you’ll be right where we are in terms of roofing knowledge! Don’t study the roofing lingo too hard though . . . we don’t need any more competition in the roofing industry!

Key Roofing Terms:

  1. Shingles: A small flat tile, especially one made of wood or asphalt, used in overlapping rows to cover a roof or wall.
  2. Gable: The triangular top section of a side wall on a building with a pitched roof that fills the space beneath where the roof slopes meet.
  3. Dormer: A window for a room within the roof space that is built out at right angles to the main roof and has its own gable.
  4. Vents: A small opening that allows fresh air to enter or stale air, gas, smoke, or steam to escape. Vents are vital to allow air into and out of your attic space.
  5. Soffit: The underside of a structural component of a building, e.g. the underside of a roof overhang or the inner curve of an arch.
  6. Eaves: The part of a roof that projects beyond the wall that supports it.
  7. Ridge: The part of your roof at the very top portion of your roof, is an edge that runs from one end of your home to the other.
  8. Hip: This is where the front and back two portions of your roof meet.
  9. Valley: This section of a roof may or may not exist, but it when two slopes of the roof meet at a downward angle.
  10. Downspout: A pipe that carries rainwater from a roof gutter down to a drain or to the ground.
  11. Gutter: A metal or plastic channel attached to the eaves of a roof for carrying away rainwater.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of a roof, and therefore, of what may be wrong with your roof! If you are in need of a repair or have questions about your roofing situation, please give JB Roofing Systems a ring, we will surely be happy to hear from you! 267-966-7648.


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