The season of bats is upon us! Not sure if they are capable of invading your home? Watch and find out just how possible it is!

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Borrowed from the Huffington Post Website, watch this amazing video of escaping bats
from a Florida home:

Although bats are typically deemed as valuable mammals in
our animal kingdom (because of their insect consumption), they add no value to
your kingdom if you give them an in! Appropriate to living in your home, is any
living thing that you have allowed in your home – but bats, well they’re
usually uninvited guests – and these kinds of guests take up residence
underneath your damaged shingles! Getting
rid of them . . .

Referenced on The Huffington Post

First off, bats are noisy, smelly, and responsible for human
health conditions resulting from their excretions. So if you have them or
suspect you do, how do you get those roosting bats out? First watch to see
where the bats are entering and leaving your roof. They take route through damaged shingles,
vents, and drooping siding! Watching for
bats is best done at dusk, when the roosting stops. Once you know where they are coming from, try
any one of the following suggestions: Clean up bat feces and urine – they are
attracted to their own excretions. Install fiberglass batting to your shingles
to deter them. Spray the area where bats reside with non-toxic aerosol cat or
dog repellant when they are out on a flight. Install a bat house to trap them.

If all of this seems complicated – call a professional bat expert. They are aware of the specific laws pertaining to bat (regarding harming them), as well as some pretty savvy ways to get rid of them!

Of course, you could always have your roof replaced or
repaired! That is never a bad idea if it needs it anyway – and JB Roofing
Systems would be glad to help (except for maybe on Halloween night . . .)!


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