Roof Snow Removal

snowAs always, extreme weather always has the possibility to present some sort of problem with a roof top. In the winter months, wind may be your primary concern; however snow can be equally as damaging. The two together can be disastrous. At JB Roofing Systems, we know that snow issues may or may not be obvious. If you are concerned about your roof, whether it is from snow build-up, the heaviness of the snow, and/or the melting of the snow that has built up, please consider giving JB Roofing Systems a call, we will be happy to help. It does not take much for us to come out and take a look, and hopefully from there we can figure out a path forward. Snow build-up on your residential or commercial roof becomes a problem if the roof itself does not have adequate support, or is damaged to begin with. Snow can be heavy, especially when it is wet. This can be a real problem for commercial flat roofs. A roof can quickly loose stability, either caving in or splintering, causing leaks throughout the establishment. We do not advise you to evaluate or even handle the situation yourself, but rather allow a professional who has the proper equipment for accessing the roof.  Stabilization is a real issue when it comes to snow or ice build-up, this is especially so with respect to the height of the roof and where the snow or ice is piling up.  These factors along with our knowledge of the structure of the roof, will allow us to safely evaluate the situation. No amount of snow on your roof top is worth risking your personnel safety or that of your family, or our employees. Do not hesitate to give a call, we can be reached at 267-966-7648 or you can contact us through email.

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