Prevent Fall Leaf Build-up on Your Roof

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There are a few simple steps that JB Roofing Systems encourages homeowners to take in
preparation for the fall time weather. A little upfront work to clean out your
gutters, trim your trees, inspect your roof tops – can prevent a lot of work in
the midst of stomier weather! Let’s talk . . .

gutter Clean

Clean Your Gutters: Proper and efficient drainage in your gutter system means everything. Water will
always take the path of least resistance, and if your gutters are full, the water will spill over onto and over other components of your house. In time, those components (siding, windows, door housing) will break down.

It is important to check your gutters a couple times of years, but especially before and after the fall time season. It’s easy – as long as you have a ladder, a protective pair of gloves, a plastic bag, and a small hand shovel (like that you would use in the garden for small plants). You can do this! Start at one end of your home and cautiously work your way around the gutter system,
utilizing your small shovel to dislodge and scoop out the rotten leaves and/or
moss debris. Please keep safety in mind at all times, it would be best to have someone working with you nearby. For steep roofs, or roofs that are adjacent to uneven landscaping, we recommend calling a professional.

Tip: Leaf Guard Systems for Gutters help minimize this type of work.

Minimize Tree Landscaping Near Your Home: Having a tree near
your home can be a plus when it comes to aesthetics or possibly energy control,
however sometimes they can do more harm than good. For every leaf that grows in
the spring, there will be a leaf that falls or blows in the wind of the fall
season! These same leaves end up on your roof tops and in your gutters! Our recommendation is to cut back your trees,
keep them manageable in size. Depending on how close your tree is to your home, we recommend cutting it down. To sustain the integrity of your roof, cutting it down may be your best bet.

Check Your Shingle and Valley Situation on Your Roof: Fall is typically a pleasant time of year,
but taking action to have your roof inspected for loose or missing shingles is so important when it comes to roof maintenance.
The valleys of a roof (where two roof lines meet) are just as important! Water, leaves, debris can
build up there and as they sit, they degrade the integrity of that material,eventually causing a leak.

Hopefully we have provided you with some helpful do-it-yourself information. These tasks are manageable for the average home
owner, but that is only depending on the slope of the roof you have, the size of the trees surrounding your roof, and the type of landscaping that surrounds your home! For those of you that fall into the latter category, where safety is an issue or you’d just rather not be
bothered with the work, please give JB Roofing Systems a call! We provide gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation
services, as well as roof inspection and/or repair services. Our prices are fair, our work is exceptional!
Call 267.966.7648 and ask for Jeff!


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