What To Expect

The Process of a Roofing Project

When a roofing problem arises customers are often in a position to rely heavily on the expertise and trustworthiness of the roofing company that they have contacted. The reason for this is simple, a roofing problem is not an everyday occurrence! JB Roofing Systems realizes and understands this situation, and it is our intention to make the process of estimation to project completion as easy as possible. We understand that the problem could be as simple as a repair or as large as a replacement, either way, we want you to feel comfortable in the process of understanding your precise situation and involved in the process of remediating it. Our ultimate goal for each roofing inquiry is to:
  1. Seek to understand the situation
  2. Assess and evaluate
  3. Collaboratively determine the best possible solution
  4. Agree upon the project protocol
  5. Fix the problem
Estimating and assessing is what we do first. The initial phone call or email interaction give us an understanding of what the problem is, how long it has been occurring, and what likely may end up happening. Understanding your problem in accordance with the age and type of roof you have can be telling. Our comprehension of your roofing problem is then better realized once we see the roof for ourselves. The outright appearance can often lead us to determining what the problem is, while the measurements help us to acquire a holistic understanding of what the project may entail, both from a time, supply order, and budget perspective. This overall process allows JB Roofing Systems to have enough information to determine if the roof is damaged or in need of full replacement and what the project protocol will look like. It is important to realize at this point that the exterior surface of your roof is not really what keeps the water out of your house. This outer layer can be damaged and yet the roof may not be leaking. However, as this layer degrades over time, it stops performing its primary responsibility, which it to keep the weather away from the roofing underlayment. This is the layer that actually seals the house against moisture. Just because a roof is not yet leaking does not mean that it is not about to! Only a trained professional can make this judgment. Following the assessment, an estimate will be provided. We will strive to incorporate all aspects of our discussion regarding type of material to be used, time, and budget. At JB Roofing Systems, it is our custom to generate the estimation with the mindset that this would be a roof we were replacing or repairing at our own home. We are accountable for our workmanship and for the materials used, and want to go to bed at night feeling proud and assured that the customer has been satisfied. After the estimate is discussed and approved, it is at this point that a more formal contract will be agreed upon and then of course, the scheduling of the project will occur. Discussion around the type of payment and payment regimen will be also secured. The project will then take on an entity of its own, it will be managed and conducted as agreed upon. Really, the process is simple and we are confident you will feel involved, knowledgeable, and satisfied in the end! To arrange for a free roofing estimate, please contact us Your questions and concerns are important to us, so we look forward to hearing from you.

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