How Does Your Attic Vent?

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Every attic should have a ventilation system; it is essential for maintaining a neutral internal home temperature, and likewise, essential to sustaining the integrity of your existing shingles. Vent Attics typically vent by an electrical fan method or through a roof built-in attic air reliever (such as a ridge vent).  In most cases, you will have both, but not always.  Take a look at the diagram, how does your home compare?  Have you had your fans checked out, are they old and struggling to run or are they even working?  How about a ridge vent, does one exist? A proper roof installation should incorporate a ridge vent, it is standard and essential to alleviating heat build-up and for air turnover within the attic space. Keep in mind though, a ridge vent really is not adequate in and of itself. Roofs are our specialty. Not sure what is going on with your ventilation, give us a call!  This is the time of year to check it out and makes changes if necessary.  The effeciency of your roof ventilation system equates to lower electric bills.  Remember, your home cooling or heating system has to compensate for any ineffeciencies.


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