High Electric Bills? How is Your Roof?

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A picture can be worth a thousand words. Or maybe it is your electric bill that is speaking volumes! Roofing system breakdowns are easy to spot – even to those not deemed experts at such. Hot air generated from inside of the house rises,


and without a properly sealed attic floor, attic insulation, or integral roof – the heat you are paying for with your hard earned money – is escaping to the outside realm!

Interested in seeing how your roof is holding up? Wait for the next snow accumulation, approximately a ½” covering of snow. Go outside prior to the morning sun hitting your roof and take a look at your roof (and your neighbor’s roof!). Wherever the snow has melted and exposed the roof, you can be sure that in that area of the attic, either the insulation is minimally thick and/or the roof has degraded. It is also possible that the attic flooring is so leaky that is allows ample heat to disperse into the attic space – creating an overall warmer space. The warmer air in this space can do one of two things. First, if the attic is properly insulated to the outside (not inside living space) it can create an environment for moisture to build up. Moisture build up in an attic space can lead to all sorts of problems associated with fungal growth (mold) and deterioration of roof components both on the inside and outside of the home. This can be a problem both in the summer and winter. Windows and skylights, they also are notorious culprits! Secondly, the warm air just plain escapes!

Ventilation systems that are built into the existing roof (ridge vent) or installed electrical (or solar) ventilation systems also contribute to heat loss. These systems can be a direct conduit to heat loss. Homeowners should be aware that while the systems may help in the summer heat, in some cases, depending on choice of ventilation – they don’t help in the winter. It can be a give and take, sometimes weighing whether the release of summer heat is more preventative against roof deterioration from heat build-up versus sealing to prevent heat loss. House location associated with direct sunlight (which equates to summer heat) can often be the deciding factor. But even in these cases, there are ventilation systems that operate in more of an equal space versus helping more in the summer than the winter.

Proper evaluation of attics and roofing systems is our business. If interested in a free estimate, please give us a call. Roof repairs, installations, and attic evaluations is what we do and sound references can be provided if needed.

Maybe you would like to see for yourself before giving us a call? Try the ½” snow test! Let us know what you find! And if you checked out your neighbor’s house, spread the word.  Referrals through our website – will be compensated! 


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