Don’t Pay To Melt the Snow On Your Roof!

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A roof with a covering of snow can be very telling . . .  in terms of your home roof/attic energy effeciency.  Take notice of your snow covered roof in the morning hours (a light snow covering is best) prior to the morning sun hitting it.  Wherever the snow has melted, exposing the roof, you can be sure that there is minimal attic insulation and/or a leaky attic floor. Unfortunately, melted snow means a higher electric bill! For comparitve sake . . .take a look at your neighbors house    



and let them know what appears to be the state of effeciancy of their attic/roof.  Share some good news with them if you can and let them know that if the snow has not melted, it is acting as a temporary and FREE insluation! 

Snow Facts:

1. 6 inches of wet snow is as heavy as 38 inches of dry snow! 

2. The average snow storm can drop over 40 million tons of snow which can carry the energy equivalent to 120 atomic bombs!

3. The largest snowflake recorded was 8 inches thick and 15 inches across – only in Montana!


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