Commercial/Residential Customers – Do You Have Roof Ponds?

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Today is the day, check to see if you establishment has ROOF PONDS!  During a heavy rain or soon after, you may see that rain starts to pond in a certain area of your roof.  If this is the case, you should be concerned. Roof Pond   Flat and low slope roofs often are faced with this type of situation, as these types of roofs are designed to accommodate mechanical equipment needed to run the establishment below.  A roof with this type of intent should be designed with proper fall and/or draining systems capable of leading water away from the establishment. While this may have been accomplished at first, over time, things do change. Extreme cold and hot weather play into the eventual breakdown, as the freezing, thawing, and heat destruction have a large impact on the roof integrity. Roof ponding is typically defined as standing water that has not drained or evaporated within approximately 2 days of the precipitation. Ponding on the roof is an early indicator that the roof is starting to break down, as in, the components of the top layer of your roof, roof coatings, and what is underneath are starting decompose. Rain may be your biggest enemy when it comes to roof ponding, but to a roofer, it is an obvious indicator of where the breakdown may be.  Wet weather can be telling for roof integrity, but don’t be fooled, hot weather can be just as telling.  The equipment staged on the roof itself maybe also be the culprit (leaking cooler lines, AC condensate, cold or hot weather condensate).  The truth is, the reasons for roof ponding can be endless, including drain and gutter system clogging, mold damage (causing breakdown of roof), and other mechanical issues. While the reasons are endless, so too are the types of damage that occur as a result of ponding; a pond on the roof WILL lead to leak, and WILL lead to destruction of the building structure in line with the path of water drainage (which WILL come in time, from the leak caused by the pond). JB Roofing Systems of Souderton PA, can help you to determine what the problem may be on your roof.  We are qualified and experienced at roof inspections, as well as roof repair, and replacement. Give us a call, ask your questions, and let us help!  


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